Ankona ShadowCast

The ShadowCast 16 may be small, but it’s big on performance. You can fish and pole next to any high dollar skiff. Designed for a 9.9 to 20 hp engine, the ShadowCast can take you anywhere a kayak can can go, without the paddling.

Clean and efficient, the Ankona ShadowCast minimizes fuel usage so you’ll spend less on gas and more time on fishing. On-the-water GPS tests with a 9.9 hp have shown this skinny water boat running at an average WOT speed of 21.4 miles per hour.

Even in choppy water, you’ll enjoy a smooth ride with the forward “V” entry at the bow. The Ankona ShadowCast is a low-resonance no-slap hull, with a true 5-6 inch draft with 2 anglers plus gear. This boat tracks straight, and spins and stops effortlessly under a pole. The ShadowCast has a small tunnel for running in very shallow water.

The ShadowCast is surprisingly stable, a very important consideration in a shallow water poling skiff.

Ankona ShadowCast Specs

Length: 16 ft
Beam: 54 in
Bare Hull Weight: 240 lbs
Engine: 9.9 - 20 hp
Handling: Tiller or Side Console
Draft: 5-6 in
Front Deck: 5 ft
Back Deck: 3 ft
Dry Storage: Starboard bulkhead hatch with SS latch underneath the front deck
Specs for ShadowCast 18 coming soon

Options for Ankona ShadowCast

These are our standard options:
(We can add virtually any accessory available in the skiff market)

  • Tiller Console (with or without Grab Bar)
  • Side Console
  • 8 Gallon Aluminum Fuel Tank
  • Side Rod Racks (Fly or Spin/Bait setup)
  • Console Brushed Aluminum Rod Holders
  • Coffin Box (with or without Grab Bar)
  • Permanent Mount Poling Platform
  • Standard Push Pole Holders
  • Front Casting Platform
  • 3 Drawer Tackle Station
  • Aluminum Bulkhead Mount Vertical Rod Holders
  • Powder Coat Package
  • Basic Electrical System Sealed Waterproof Switch Panel & Batt SW
  • Trolling Motor Prewire
  • MinnKota Trolling Motors
  • Trolling Motor QRB
  • Birdsall Removeable TM Bracket